Monday, November 27, 2006

Fun Formula

I spent Sunday morning in a muddy field, rain clouds threatening to burst overhead, millipedes attempting to climb up my pants leg, all in the name of some Formula One action on the Ronald Mapp Highway.
My husband and I had meticulously planned our route to avoid the expected crush of people and traffic at Warrens. We decided to cut through Jackson, skirt Millennium Heights and walk down to the junction at Automotive Art. From there we would be in a prime position to see Marc Gene and the Ferrari scream past.
All went according to plan, and a blessed man moved his SUV just in time for us to park a few streets away from the action. By 9:10 we were in position and anticipation was building among the fans. And then, around 9:35, we saw the marshals of the event pull a fence across the Highway just outside Automotive Art! This meant we were now at the end of the track and would only be seeing the driver as he slowed to turn into Automotive Art's parking lot! By that time, thousands of people had gathered and moving didn't seem like a feasible option. We had an up-close view of the car, but didn't experience the sheer speed like the crowds in the middle of the route. Ah well, a good morning was still had by all...even though we had to scamper away from a disoriented centipede which was probably wondering why so many people were in a field in St. Thomas on a Sunday morning.

Photo courtesy of The Nation ('cause in my rush I forgot my camera)

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