Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Visas online

First it was long, pre-dawn queues, then an appointment system. Now, Barbadians applying for US visas can only do so online. I remember reading that this new policy had started in Jamaica and wondered how it had been received by the populace there. I imagine quite a few "rahtids" and "blouse and skirts" had polluted the Jamaican airwaves.
Here in Bim it's early days yet. Some may argue that the new system will alienate certain persons (black persons)and show the gap between the information rich and the information poor. I know my people; there isn't a computer in the world that could come between them and their annual shopping trips to New York and Miami! I'm sure it will still be quite a culture shock for those persons who are not computer or internet-savvy. There's a suggestion that internet cafes could be used to assist those persons without personal computers, and I suggest they throw in some free lessons too! I could only imagine my mother trying to apply for a visa online....I don't think the computer would survive. Ah well, if the US says it must be done, so be it. The piper calls the tune, after all.


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