Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Model behaviour

Has anyone seen the new Barbados Model Search show on CBC TV8 on Tuesday nights? I can't tell you the exact time it airs 'cause CBC's schedule changes more than the tide. Well, what can I say about it? Is it moronic? Yup. Demeaning to the contestants? Yup. Entertaining? Oh yes! What is it about these train wreck "reality shows" that draw us in? I suspect it must stem from that morbid curiousity buried deep inside all of us.
I've only watched three episodes but I feel extremely sorry for the contestants. I hope the winner's getting a good prize after all this drama. Between the insulting and largely contradictory comments from the judges and the demands to stay thin I don't know how these girls aren't shoving each other off the catwalk.
One young lady broke into tears because she was told to "take off her hair weave and bury it". And to add insult to injury, she was the only contestant asked by the silly host how she felt about the judges' comments! The poor girl was blubbering!
Ironically, two of the girls voted off last night were awarded with dinners at Lucky Horseshoe. Well, I guess they can eat now....

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