Saturday, September 23, 2006

Polls and tolls

First off let me say thanks to all those persons who offered encouragement and advice on the blog. I know some of you are shy about commenting but there's no need to be. Form a new username (like my good friend Etrici who totally fooled me:)) if you wish to remain anonymous.

Now, on with the show.....I always wanted to say that:)
Sir Charles Williams recently suggested that tolls be imposed on certain roads on the island. This, he suggested, would result in "higher-quality, longer-lasting roads".

"It will guarantee the country better quality roads because no
one is going to build a poor quality road if he knows he is responsible
for its maintenance for 25 years. He will build a road that will last
25 years, and that is what we want."

Well, right off COW admitted what the rest of us were thinking all along; many of our roads are poorly constructed and not meant to last longer than a snowcone in hell. I'm convinced I'll be pulled over any day now by the police on suspicion of drunken driving at the rate I'm swerving all over the roads to avoid potholes! At any rate, the Minister responsible isn't entertaining any such "foolish proposals" from COW. Because, say what you like about politicians, for the most part they are not into professional suicide. Well, apart from Sir Lloyd E. Sandiford and Clyde Mascoll anyway.Then again, things seemed to have worked out for the better for those two.

CADRES is at it again with another poll, and it seems like the ruling BLP stands a good chance at making it a four-peat. I won't get too caught up in repeating the stats here because in my opinion - no disrepect to CADRES and Peter Wickham - it's the human element and not the statistics that will determine the outcome. And the human element is largely unpredictable. If we had a dollar for every politician who was lulled into a false sense of security by a poll only to get booted out we could all probably end poverty in Barbados. Good luck to all the incumbent MPs and the newcomers to the political's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it!

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