Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Congrats to President Barack Obama on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course the US netowrks are falling over themselves asking if he deserves this honour.

Whatev. He didn't award himself the prize, so suck it up, critics.


Khaidji said...

An Acrostic Poem

Suck It Up You Critics

Sometimes we have to consider the message sent
United States are acknowledged through their President
Critics must realize that it is through he
Kudos go out to the entire country
I think like Barack said this award says
That America has got the right remedy these days
Under his presidency the world community has started to heal
Politics aside, re-examine how you personally feel
You are part of and era which is led by a great man
One who keeps his cool under fire and gives all that he can
Uses every opportunity to involve his worse enemies
Calling for table talks before wars and to use all diplomacies
Reconsider what he is about and not what he has done
If you do you might consider he is as much the one
This is the world saying we have faith in you
If our neighbors can then why can’t we too
Change is affront as its largely due to Barack
So before you criticize, realize, Barack put the world on track

Bajegirl said...

Well said, Khaidji.:)