Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Obama think he is?

President Obama obviously letting all this "leader of the free world" crap go to his head. Who the hell he think he is trying to tell people's children what to do with their academic lives?

He realise the US of A is a free and democratic country where it is every person's God given right to drop out of school and become a burden on the welfare system?
Where he get off preaching 'bout "stay in school", "do your homework" and all that bs?

Man, the people right to cuss he. Before he go and drop a bomb on some country or other he trying to brainwash the lil children with he socialist agenda. And as for that health care reform thing, he really carrying a joke too far.

Man, Obama tek it easy. The people just come off of eight years of extreme idiocy, them ain't ready for the type of enlightenment you talking 'bout yet. Just help the rich people get richer and keep the poor people from rioting and all will be well, my brother.

And for those of you who exercised your right to drop out of school, the above is sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

I love the post.

Americans have always been afraid of something or somebody. After 7yrs of state mandated fear they just cannot see or hear properly.

Now, what is so wrong with staying in school, working hard and getting a good education? Could it be that the up can coming students might be able to get past the sound-bites thus forming their own opinions. Unlike their parents and grandparents who are currently being led around like blind sheep.

To hell with knowledge and education. An educated or knowledgeable person is a dangerous one. You can't fool them as easily.

President Obama I'll bet you never saw that one coming. Indocrination, socialism, stay in school. What a reach?

Kids listen to the President, STAY IN SCHOOL, and let the GOP continue to play with their mistresses while acting pious

When I first heard the uproar about the proposed speech I had to shake my head.

Fear and ignorance the way to rule!!!!

Bajegirl said...

I don't know what the world is coming to. I think the one thing Obama can learn from this whole episode is that the road to hell is paved witht he best of intentions.
Thanks for leaving a comment.

LisaB said...

Well said... funny, I was just having a similar discussion. He has such a tough job. God in heaven knows most people would have thrown their hands in the air and walked away. The things his opponents are throwing in his way are just so ridiculous and yet they have been very successful in distracting many and causing uproar, and the American media is not helping the situation either. It's crazy... imagine he just wants to make things better...sigh.

Just add the l in heath care in the 2nd last paragraph.