Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome home, Ryan!

Barbados 110m hurdle world champion is back home and at this moment is giving a press conference in the VIP Room at the Grantley Adams International Airport.

Next he's heading off on a motorcade down Highway 7 to Kensington Oval. I'll be along the route taking a few pics, so watch out for more.

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Khaidji said...

The Leaps To Fame

To his left and right stood mighty men
Hurdles ahead to meters one hundred and ten
Exercised and trained for this very day
Life soon changed as he sped away
Explosive start and he triumphantly ended
Accelerated over each obstacle with leading right leg extended
Problems face us in life coming swiftly too
Stumbling blocks we need jump over to see life through
Traverse them with ease if we similarly prepare
Obstacles in life can be conquered if we dare
For all those snags and barriers you must later face
Always know success comes if proper preparation you’ll embrace
Make your impediments like hurdles and take a leaf from Ryan
Exercise steadfastness and persistence and be a true Bajan

The Pride Of Nationhood

The Road ahead seems unusually long
Heavy burdened and your approach feels wrong
Eyes are on you but no one’s there to speak
Pics in the papers bring out dismal results each weak
Rise up Bajan! There are many like you
In their routines they are burdened too
Dismal practice results and higher obstacles ahead
Exercise it, massage it, but their muscle never sped
Over all those obstacles at the rate they must go
For many workouts it feels right but on your days, no
Now you have a Champion who endeavored to be
A success in his discipline with persistency
Trained entirely with one goal on his mind
Intent to become the best champion of his kind
Our champ took the world by a surprise
Nations all have to finally realize
He has eagerly exercised for greatness and to win
Our spirit immortalized because Ryan didn’t give in
On and on pacing each hurdle until he was better than good
Do this Bajan and you too can have The Pride of Nationhood