Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How it go look?

Two things happened over the past few days that have me puzzled, puzzled. And all I'm wondering, as my Trini friends would say, how it go look?

First, I read that Government was looking to compulsorily acquire the former Sam Lord's Castle for "a mixed development of housing for low and middle income earners, recreational facilitites and tourism development".

While I normally wouldn't mind the ordinary Barbadian having a chance to own (relatively) beach front property, this story has me wondering if there isn't more in the mortar than the pestle. Here's why:

1. I don't see Government using prime beach front property to house locals, no matter how people-centred that Government may be. Least of all Sam Lord's Castle, that has long been a tourism site here.

2. CLICO currently owns Sam Lord's Castle. In my mind, if Government buys the property it lets CLICO off the hook from having to develop it. Many people feel that if CLICO can come up with the millions necessary to develop the site that would prove the company isn't in financial difficulties, as its head Leroy Parris has said repeatedly.

3. CLICO head Leroy Parris and Prime Minister David Thompson are longtime friends. It's the PM's right and privilege to be friends with whomever he wants, but my question is, how it go look?

The other thing which occrred is the leaking of the names of the 18 calypsonians who have made the semi-finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition. The leak is only half of this puzzle; what troubles me is the fact that the list of names was leaked BEFORE all the tents were judged! Wuhloss. How it go look?

I'm not surprised that an injunction is being brought against the National Cultural Foundation over this.

Just when I thought the festival would come to an end without any controversy....

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