Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Farewell, MJ

I'm still a bit teary-eyed from the tributes, so I don't plan on writing much beyond fareweell, King of Pop. Thanks for the memories and the joys of your music.

You are legend and you will live on.

Rest in peace.


Khaidji said...

So many of his family, friends and fans wanted to say a proper goodbye to Michael Jackson yesterday and so they did. It was an event unlike any other. When people arrived, they were shocked by the quiet of the room. They greeted each other with smiles, hugs and kisses but few words where spoken in the temporary hallow halls of the Staples Center

Farewell, MJ

For 21/2 hours I listened to the show
Actors and Entertainers telling things they know
Riveting memories of an iconic great
Even though many may try, they can never duplicate
With quivering voice they sung and with earnest show
Emotions were pure and their tears would flow
Little Paris filled the room with glassy eyes
Lots of love expressed for her dad and to no surprise
Maybe we’ll have our CD’s and DVD’s, as we did before
Jackson’s children wouldn’t have him as dad anymore

An Acrostic Poem from
The Bajan Poetry Society

Khaidji said...

As we say goodbye to the King of Pop, I want to define his Legacy as not limited to the many changes he brought about to the entertainment industry but also his generous soul and his constant effort to make a difference.

Honouring His Legacy

How many others follow his style on stage
Or copy his entertainment but never taking a page
Never follow in his philanthropy
Or be as interested in the sick as he used to be
Under the glitz of jewels shone a caring soul
Rhinestones never glittered to show his whole
I saw his soft spirit, his calmness, his love
Not just the iconic musician but a pioneer thereof
Guinness records say he’s the most giving, but for me
His life must not be defined as his measured charity
I rather think of the changes that he brought about
Stardom was ingenious but through his clout
Lots of doors got opened to change racial disparity
Entertainers were not judged by skin colour and ethnicity
Giving never stopped even when hard times came
All his life he gave the impoverished the fruit of his fame
CD’s, DVD’s and others will preserve Michael in time and space
You’ll need emulate his giving to “make this world a better place”

An Acrostic Poem from
The Bajan Poetry Society

Jdid said...

rest in peace

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