Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summit of the Americas

Hey, peoples. It's been a hectic week so I'm now getting around to posting. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Well, all eyes will be focused over the next few days on Trinidad, where President Barack Obama will be attending the 5th Summit of the Americas. I must admit now that although I would have been thrilled to get a glimpse of Mr. President, I don't think we could afford the expense that comes with hosting him. Reports suggest that T&T is spending TT$1.2 billion on the summit....thank God they have oil money. No bosie, it doesn't make sense putting ourselves in the poor house to put on a good show for the Americans.

Part of the President's surveillance has been set up here at the Grantley Adams International Airport, and I imagine all their satellites must be trained on Trinidad at this moment. All the criminals will probably be lying low this weekend....

Hopefully all will go well, even though the preparations have hit a few snags.

Anyhoo, Cuba has gotten a little ease from the Leader of the free world, so let's see what the rest of us will get out of this Summit.


Khaidji said...

If all went as planned, President Barack Obama would have received a copy of my book “Path To The White House” by special courier, during the summit. It would be great to know that he was able to read my book.

The Fifth Summit Trinidad was host of the America’s Fifth Summit
Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama shook hands at it
Eager to mend the breaches between their countries
Fences broken down by previous authorities
It was a Kodak moment with their thumbs interlocked
Fist clenched in each other’s but it gave critics a shock
They wanted the leaders to go for the throat
Have verbal fisticuffs not peace promote
So when President Obama received a book from Chavez
US media behave like these were the last days
Many of them said that the country was sold out
Media promoted that Obama signed away America’s clout
I think Obama knows when to take on a fight
This President knows precisely when to deliver his might

Anonymous said...

Who's this leader of the free world you mentioned in your piece?