Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama takes some early licks at Summit

Hey, peoples. Well, President Obama is in Trinidad for the Summit and the opening ceremony is underway as I type. Already President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega Saveedra is tearing some holes in US foreign policy; Obama will have a lot of work to do to win over the leaders in this part of the region.

I can't wait to hear Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech. He was very pleasant when he met the President earlier, so we'll see.

Disappointingly First Lady Michele Obama stayed home, and I suspect she might have gone a long way to smooth things over with her effortless charm.

I'm watching a very drizzly, audio deficient feed from a Trini network. I'm also following on twitter here.

Latin American leaders have a reputation for being very verbose, so this ceremony could go on all night....


Khaidji said...

President Barack Obama can do no good. What ever he does, in the eyes of his critics, he has been
One Big American Mistake Already

Unnecessary Joe United States is like a pit bull at the over walk, beneath
Nicaragua is like a Chihuahua above, who snarls its teeth
No growl or snarl should provoke the mighty canine
Engaging this harmless aggressor would be of unnecessary design
Cause the threat is as harmless as a guppy to a shark
Even the pit bull knows not to bite if it’s just an annoying bark
So Joe’s expectation for the President to snarl back
Shows why he failed his run for Presidency and why Barack
At all times demonstrates a higher intellect
Resist the annoyances and knows which battles to select
You must understand the importance of the International stage
Joe it’s important that Americans get on the same page
Obama is setting the Universal standard that all can survive
Economies and global relations, if we just keep hope alive

Ian Bourne said...

Are you aware she stayed home as an example to cut costs?

The Lara/Obama photo is priceless - but Dick Cheney vex for Obama starting to mend bridges with Caracas & Havana?

Then adding insult 2 injury and saying Bush Jr had LITTLE 2 apologise 4 in his/their regime? A good few epithets spring 2 mind but I'll refrain...

I will point out Dubya created more male and female amputees in 2003 to 2007 than all of WW1 and 2!!