Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama to attend Fifth Summit of the Americas

I'm pretty excited that my favourite President and his First Lady will be in the region to the attend the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad next month. And not only is he attending, but heading a 1,000 member delegation and arriving in 25 planes. Where is Manning going to put all these people?

Even though I know that planning that event and the security surrounding President Obama would be a major headache, I'm still jealous that the summit isn't here in Bimshire instead. I can still remember working with the Clinton visit back in 1997 and to this day my colleagues and I share war stories about that visit and other visits by Heads of State.

But back to next month's summit; I can't wait to see the interaction between Obama and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who had no love for former US President George W. Bush. This should be an interesting one indeed....


Khaidji said...

Your favorite, well mine too! I followed his campaign from start to finish and got so caught up in it I wrote Path To The White House which culminated on November 5, 2008. I have a community blog registered on his official website and regularly receive email from Barack and his administration. These are not boastful comments just me voicing my excitement to be any part of the colossus of a man we call President Barack Obama.

Hi Barbados

Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama
In Trinidad this April grilling one another
Bajans wishing they were doing it
Arranging to host the Americas Summit
Remember we’ve had other Heads of State
Bill Clinton was the most memorable of late
And of all that came President Obama would mean more
Districts throughout this country would be screaming galore
One selfish wish I would make that President Barack would see
Some of the work I devoted to him in my book of Acrostic Poetry

Another Acrostic Poem from The Bajan Poetry Society

Nandi said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this summit! After the G20 summit I must admit I am now in love with summits. My girl MIchele best step right because one thing I know about Hispanic women is not only are they pretty but they can dress their tails off. They are not going to be like the G20 first ladies who acted like someone told them they were not going to be on the world stage these latin and carribean women can dress!and I cannot wait for the world to see how beautiful and fashion savy these women are. The one thing I do not like is CNN calling their coverage of the summit as "Drug Nations" I dont like that! not one darn bit!