Friday, January 09, 2009

Red carpet from the BMA's

As promised, here're some of the red carpet pics from last Sunday's Barbados Music Awards, thanks to

First, the men....

These two dapper dudes looked like they were thrilled to be on the red carpet

Hmm. Sweater over a shirt and tie. Channeling old Jay-Z much? The colours are interesting though.

I don't know where this poor soul thought he was going...

Where to start? The ill-fitting pants, the shoe and jacket matching thing, drinking on the red many fashion snafus, so little time.

Then there were the ladies...

These ladies brought a splash of colour to the red carpet.

Out-going US Ambassador Mary Ourisman missed her calling as a fashion model.

This duo opted for more conservative colours on the night.

And finally, the copules...

Nominee Buggy and his companion made a cute couple.

Reigning Calypso Monarch Adrian Clarke and his wife couldn't go unnoticed on the night.

Multiple BMA winner David Kirton and his wife Noelle have contrasting styles but still complement each other.

That's all for now, folks. Have a good weekend!

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