Monday, October 27, 2008

Post-baby Cheese

Hey, all my lovely peoples! Hope all you Cheese readers are doing okay out there. I've missed you all, and thanks very much for your kind wishes. Even though I didn't have a chance to blog, I skimmed through the comments that were left on the site. I see I'm still getting bused by the tattoo crowd. If one half-joking blog entry could generate so much ire, imagine if I had really tackled something controversial like politics or religion! It's all good though, I stand by what I wrote, even though it was in jest.

Anyhoo, on August 26 I had a beautiful little boy named Ethan. He's developed quite a character already and it's going be interesting to see the kind of person he further develops into.

I must admit I miss blogging, so you'll be hearing from me from time to time. I can't promise I'll blog every day but I'll try to be around more often. November 4 is approaching fast so you know I have to give my boy Obama some props before then.

So much has happened in the last two months. Several times I was itching to vent, but then the lad woke up from his nap or I had to go sterilise bottles and never got to the computer. So, here's a list of things that I wish I could have blogged about since August....

6) Rihanna going broke. It was a rumour going around and I hoped there was no truth to it. I haven' heard anything about it since then and all indications are she's still in the black.
5) More idiocy from the Ministry of Public Works. I swear they love to frustrate motorists. Now they have a new set of one-way signs all over the Belleville area in St. Michael.
4) The never-ending highway expansion and the mess that is Wildey. Every day the traffic rules up there seem to change. On any given day you might have to drive a mile out of your way to get back on your route. They know gas expensive?
3) Former BLP Cabinet minister Hamilton "Hammie-La" Lashley goes independent. First he was a DLP, then a BLP, now he's an Independent working for the DLP. I may be wrong but now he looks like a PIMP.
2)Flooding in Bridgetown. If we didn't know before that Bridgetwn was built on the banks of a river, we know now. We're lucky no one drowned during the recent heavy rains. The authorities need to look at drainage in the City fast before a catastrophe occurs.
1) The Palin phenomenon. McCain thought he was sooo smart bringing in Sarah Palin as his running mate but Hillary Clinton she is not. FYI Mccain, you need a running mate who is a viable alternative if you become indisposed as President. Hillary Clinton may have seemed distant and cold, but I'd pick her any day over the "pitbull" soccer mom from Alaska who shoots wolves from helicopters. I guess the Republicans must know by now that female candidates aren't interchangeable....


Jdid said...

congrats! hope ethan is letting you get some sleep.

i never heard about the Bellevile one way signs. thats rather interesting.

Bajegirl said...

Hey Jdid! Good to hear you. I was a bit sleep deprived but he's sleeping better at night now.

Yup, first they made almost every other avenue in Belleville a one-way street. Now in some avenues you can't turn right on to Pine Road. I assume they're trying to prevent a back up approaching the traffic lights at the Collymore Rock/Culloden Road junction - motorists would stop to let others out of Belleville - but I don't think it was causing any major problems.

BarbadosInFocus / PictureInFocus said...

Congratulation on your baby boy, all the best…

Bajegirl said...


Khaidji said...

Congratulations and welcome back. There were many things you may have missed I know, many things that would have benefited from your perspective but as you are quickly learning, little Ethan requires lots of your time. Remember, according to Barack, Toot sacrificed everything for him. Your role is pivotal in preparing our future leader. Good luck

Bajegirl’s Boy

Baby, sweet baby, hush your weep
And close your eyes, soon you’ll be fast asleep
Just know I’ll be near you and never too far
Ears listening, eyes watching and your door left ajar
Go to sleep my little baby, until you’re a man
I’ll guide and protect you, my sweet Ethan
Right when you need me, I’ll be near by your side
Loving and caring and with many things I’ll provide
So my precious baby, from Aug 27 I knew
Barack, the first Black President who was August born too
Once cried as you do and called for his mommy
You my little one too, will be whoever you want to be

Bajegirl said...

Thanks, Khaidji, that's a beautiful poem. I'll print it for him so he can read it one day.:)