Monday, August 11, 2008

Goodbye...for now

Hi, peoples. As many of you regular Cheese readers know I haven't been blogging much recently. Actually, this year has been a very minimal one for blogging period.

Apart from new responsibilities at work, I've been preparing for a new stage in my life, that of motherhood. I'm now at that stage where I thought I had better sign off the blog officially before I just disappear off to the labour room and you hear nothing from me for months.

So, sayonara my good peoples. Sorry I wasn't able to fulfill that promise of the updates from China; my source got caught up in some other dramas and she could do with her own blog talk about 'em.

Take care and God willing I'll have the energy in the near future to resume blogging.

Peace to all.


Jdid said...

congrats and all the best with a safe delivery and motherhood

Anonymous said...

Go With God's Grace

Christ be with you in all His glory
His almighty hand should bless your delivery
Expectancy is the start of a wondrous miracle
Every child receives the graces of life’s potential
So my friend you have this glorious role
Enjoy His favor and put Him in control
Our Father gives us free will but also integrity
No one alone can create the miracle of a baby
Baje Girl you’ve demonstrated that you know
Right from wrong and the way to go
Equip yourself now with the Biblical accord
And bring up your miracle in the way of Our Lord
Do this and you’ll continue to play your part
May God Bless you and your baby with the purest of heart

Best Wishes from Khaidji

Bajegirl said...

Thanks, Khaidji, Jdid. And thanks for all your support in the past year.

Rick said...

Have a nice baby.

IrieDiva said...

congrats on the new life! safe delivery :)