Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I blame rap music

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter season. We prayed for the West Indies team but no luck, huh? Ah well, moving right along...

Most of you would have heard about the ruckus going on right now in the US between the African American community and radio talk show host Don Imus. He referred to some members of the Rutgers Women's Basketball team as "nappy headed hos" and made other racist and sexist comments. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are gunning for Imus, who's been suspended for 2 weeks. Two weeks! This guy deserves to be fired immediately! CBS and NBC, who broadcast Imus' show, have tried to distance themselves from the comments but they deserve to be boycotted along with Imus. What, people can boycott the Dixie Chicks and burn their records for dissing George W. Bush but no one can stand up for Black people's rights? And all these trite apologies are getting tired too; first Mel Gibson, then that crazy man from Seinfeld, who's next? At least some advertisers have pulled their money from CBS and NBC.

I blame rap music, because rappers make it seem alright to call women "hos" and "*itches" and have them gyrating like pieces of meat in their videos. And the same goes for every 'blaxploitation' comedy or urban drama made. They perpetuate negative stereotypes of Blacks that are so pervasive we start believing them. If we women don't demand respect no one's going to give it to us on a platter. Ditto for Black people. As for Imus, he must yesterday!

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