Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All we can do now is pray...

A disappointed Brian Lara after the West Indies' loss to Sri Lanka on Sunday

"We've tried the physical, the psychological and the financial. All we can try now is the spiritual". I laughed when my husband said this to me on Sunday, after we watched despondently as the Windies crashed to another defeat. But now I'm convinced that prayer is the only thing that can save the West Indies team from being knocked out of the CWC!
So, let's rally roun' the West Indies and pray hard as they prepare for their remaining Super 8 matches next week. Pray without ceasing.

While on the topic of the World Cup, have you all realised that every day some other official is jumping on the finger-pointing, blame-shifting bandwagon? Panic has set in and it ain't pretty. It's really beginning to look as if the islands got screwed over in their negotiations with the ICC. The ICC sucked all the Caribbean flavour out of the tournament and now we're all fighting over the dry bones. Bookings are below expectations, stands are half-empty and Barbados has gone and leased a whole cruise ship! Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch is optimistic that since Barbados has the Finals our experience will be different. I hope and pray so. Something tells me elections aren't going to be called too soon after all....

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