Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Steal ain't there

Poor George Griffith. He learned recently that the truth doesn't necessarily set you free. More like on fire. The staff at the QEH were on the verge of striking over his comments that there was pilfering at that institution. He may be right about that, but all he succeeded in doing was teeing off a whole lot people. Next time George, deal with the perpetrators and not just tar everyone with the same brush.
His Chairman Horace Cobham was quick to apologise, but Griffith isn't backing down. No doubt interesting times will be ahead.
You can check out the QEH's website here.
A step in the right direction indeed.

Isn't it amusing how poverty is the playground of politicians when elections are approaching? For months now I've been seeing candidates posing with "boys on the block", knocking on doors and making themselves known to persons in certain districts. I know it makes sense to politicians to target the people in need so as to do whatever it is they do to get votes (no name, no lock up) but have you ever wondered why we never see them canvassing in Fort George Heights, Sandy Lane, Turtleback Ridge and other posh areas? Don't these people vote? Or are all expats living in these neighbourhoods? Maybe the politicians canvass them at cocktail parties and on the golf course, who knows.

I guess what bugs me is that if politicians really cared about helping the less fortunate, they wouldn't only be knocking on their doors at election time. And they should be doing more to break the cycle of poverty as well, not resorting to offering some temporary handout every five years. To be fair, some people enjoy these handouts so who am I to talk.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our beautiful country to remind us what's really important. Not party affiliation, not politicians but this rock of ours.

Cattlewash Beach

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