Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday mix

Sir. Vivian Richards - Nation Newspaper

Hi peoples, hope you all had a good weekend. The Oval is up and running again and from all accounts it's looking nice. Some friends said they had to wait extremely long to get in but the wait was worth it. The fireworks were fantastic, that's as much as I saw live.
The Master Blaster Sir Vivian Richards and his team put up a good fight and looked pretty good doing it. 'Sir' Carl Hooper still has it for sure! It would appear that a good time was had by all. Let's hope the current West Indies team can inaugurate the Mecca in the right way.

While we were partying it up at the Oval, Rihanna was celebrating with Jay-Z and basketballer Lebron James at their Two Kings Dinner and Party. Queen Latifah, May J. Blige, P-Diddy, Beyonce and others were in attendance.

Rihanna with Jay-Z (right) and Ne-Yo - Young, Black and Fabulous

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