Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barbados Music Awards Red Carpet - The women

No awards show is complete without red carpet coverage, and the Barbados Music Awards is no different. Here are photos of some of the ladies who graced the carpet, courtesy of PhotoBoss.

I'm not sure, but I think blue is her favourite colour....

Song bird Indra Rudder's (left) snug-fitting metallic dress falls short of looking glam because of its pairing with some rather sinister looking boots. Girl, you better run, PETA's coming your way....

Entertainer Ayana John nails it in this sparkly blue number.

NCF CEO Dr. Donna Hunte-Cox (right) and her companion look lovely, but they're in danger of being upstaged by their eyeshadow.

Singer extraordinaire Ria Borman looks every inch a star. I never realised how much she looks like M'onique....

Uhmm, poet lady whose name I can't recall, Halloween is long gone. Unless you're trying to match your makeup with your shoes....

Words fail me. Next.

What in the Bride of Frankenstein hell happened here? But she has such a sweet smile though.

Stop tugging the dress down. It was short when you left home. You look nice, though.

See, ladies. It's possible to be covered up and still look great.

Aww. This little angel stole the show. This is how you work a red carpet! Tomorrow, the men and couples.

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