Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Shuffling on...

For the third time since capturing the Government in 2008, the Democratic Labour Party has reshuffled its Cabinet.

This time around, it's because ailing PM David Thompson has had to shed most of his portfolios. His role is now that of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security.

Here's the full list of Ministerial changes:

1. David Thompson – Prime Minister and Minister of National Security
• Senator Darcy Boyce – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility Energy, Telecommunications, Immigration and Investment.
• Senator Harry Husbands – Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office

2. Freundel Stuart – Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs

3. Christopher Sinckler – Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs
• Senator Jepter Ince – Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs

4. Senator Haynesley Benn - Minister of Commerce and Trade

5. Ronald Jones – Minister of Education and Human Resource Development

6. Michael Lashley - Minister of Housing and Lands, Urban and Rural Development
• Patrick Todd – Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Urban and Rural Development with responsibilities for Urban and Rural Development

7. John Boyce - Minister of Transport and Works (In addition, Leader of the House)

8. Denis Lowe - Minister of Drainage, Water Resource Management and the Environment

9. Donville Inniss – Minister of Health
• Senator Irene Sandiford- Garner – Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health

10. Richard Sealy - Minister of Tourism

11. Dr. David Estwick – Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Industry and Small Business Development

12. Dr. Esther Byer- Suckoo - Minister of Labour

13. Steve Blackett – Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development

14. Stephen Lashley – Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth

15. George Hutson- Minister of International Transport and International Business

16. Senator Maxine McClean – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

And in related news, apparently the Cabinet reshuffle didn't sit too well with former Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. David Estwick. He had scheduled a press conference to express his thoughts on the matter, but apprently cooler heads prevailed and he was convinced not to go through with it.

I understand Estwick's pique over his perceived demotion, but really, how was he going to hold the PM to ransom over it?

Resign? He would only be cheating himself out of a place in Cabinet and relegating himself to the backbench.

Go independent? Independent Parliamentarians don't get very far in Bajan politics, and he knows it. Just ask Hammie-La...

Cross the floor? After his former colleague and leader Clyde Mascoll crossed over to the BLP anything is possible, but I somehow doubt Estwick would go that route. Though I would pay to see him and Owen Arthur trying to mesh their economic policies... Wuhloss.

Above all, Estwick would come over as the bas guy if he criticised his leader for changing his portfolio. Public sentiment is behind PM Thompson, and that's that.

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