Friday, August 20, 2010

Poles apart

I'm getting more and more concern about the politicising of issues in Barbados. I know we're in the hurricane season, but there're way too many storms in a teacup around here.

Between the housing debacle with the Minister and the former Chairperson of the NHC; the "was he or was he not put out of CBC" confusion with former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch and a bunch of other squabbles that I can't even bother to recount, you would swear the elections were next year and not 2013.

Seriously, politicos, all yuh need to cease and desist. Opposition, do your job, but remember when you all were in power you did the same or worse.

Government, learn when to put up and when to shut up. I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't give a mongoose's *ss who has the insurance coverage for CBC, the NHC or BCSL, once they're covered.

What I want to know is when I'm gonna get some relief from high cost of food and other commodities. I want to know where de hell my $450 road tax goes, cause potholes opening up like gateways to another dimension on the streets. I want to know what you all plan to do about crime in this country.

Deal with the bread and butter issues, then you all could argue as wunnna like.


BarbadosInFocus / PictureInFocus said...

Nice post…you have me laughing. But seriously, government should just deal with the issues of the people. I am back in Brooklyn now from my summer vacation in Barbados and I find that food is so expensive. The cheapest thing I purchased in Barbados was ground-nuts. And don’t laugh; I eat plenty of them when I am home in Bim. A US dollar doesn’t mean crap anymore.

ac said...

I like your lighthearted approach to de politics pothole like gatewayLOL