Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Survivin' the flu....

Hey, peoples. I'm back after surviving the horrible flu that's going around in Bim these days. Hope you all are okay out there.

So, what's went on in the world when I was on my sick bed? Well, we're still experiencing a drought. Ain't seen rain in months. I hope when the rains so come we don't drown because Mother Nature is doing some odd things these days.

We've had over 1000 fires so far this year as well, mostly cane and bush fires. Our fire officers have to be commended for their hard work, because since January, the firebug has been raging out of control.

On the political front, PM David Thompson has shuffled out his Minister of State responsible for Immigration, Sen. Arni Walters, and made him Executive Board Chairman of the Barbados Water Authority. Good luck up in the Pine, Arni. Word is more changes are coming to the Cabinet as well.

What else? Oh, congrats to actress Mo'Nique, who copped the Best Supporting Actress award at last Sunday's Academy Awards. Well done, Ms. Mo'nique.

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