Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barbados Music Awards Red Carpet - The ladies

Hey, peoples. As promised, here are some of the red carpet photos from the recent Barbados Music Awards, held at the Wildey Gymnasium. All photos are the property of

These ladies made some bold fashion choices, and they paid off.

I don't know if it's the contrasting colours or the angle of the photo, but soemthing looks a bit off in the top part of this ensemble. It's a bit swimsuit-ish, not the look I think she was going for.

I'm not sure what was the purpose of the netting over the dress, but it killed the outfit entirely. Also, my dear is your friend.

This outfit screams elegance, but the gloves are a bit much for a music awards show. Unless you're Michael Jackson, leave the gloves at home.

I don't usually go for white at night, but these ladies are so picture perfect it's all good.

Damn that Betty West. That's all I have to say.

Two of the most talented women in Barbados, Terencia 'TC' Coward (left) and Natahlee Burke (right) came out on in style on the night. Their friend in the middle looked stunning as well.

This trio looked young, hip and fresh, but dem purple tights with matching ankle boots gotta go....

This is one brave lady. Papa Joe, Fantasia and PM Thompson nearly had to deliver her baby....

Local songstress Keann Walters is rocking the ish outa that lil black dress. Do you, honey, do you.

Heyyyyy, Fantasia.

Tomorrow, the men.

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