Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fave Old Time Proverbs

Hi, peoples. Here's another flashback to one of my 2007 Independence posts. Enjoy.

As a "grandmother child" (i.e. child raised by grandparents), I grew up hearing a lot of Bajan proverbs and sayings that remain with me till this day. We Bajans have some very colourful sayings and here are 10 of my favourites:

10. Every fool got ‘e sense:
No matter how dull and ignorant, everybody is knowledgeable in one area or the other.

9. Cat luck en' dog luck
What one person may get away, may cause problems for another.

8. When yuh en' got horse, ride cow:
Utilize whatever resources you have available.

7. Don’t tek a six for a nine:
Do not misunderstand a person’s real intentions.

6. De berry don’ drop too far from de tree:
Children inherit traits and attitudes from their parents.

5. De higher de monkey climb, de more 'e show 'e tail:
The more you show off, the more your faults are brought to the open.

4. Evah skin-teet en' a laugh:
Not all outward signs of friendliness should be taken as genuine.

3. One smart dead at two smart door:
No matter how smart you think you are, there is somebody smarter than you.

2. Yuh could hide and buy ground but yuh can’t hide and wuk it:
It is impossible to hide your actions all the time.

1. De sea ain’t got nuh back door:
The sea is not that safe a place; take every precaution necessary.

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Khaidji said...

The following is a hodgepodge of some of my Bajan proverbs formed from a line of our National Anthem. See if you spot the proverbs.

And Greater Will Our Nation Grow

A eyeful en' a bellyful”, somewhat like “yuh cud look but cahn touch”
Nothing is possessed until it’s right in your clutch
Don't hang yuh hat wih yuh hand cahn reach”
Get used to your limits and practice what you preach
Respect due to a dog”, and so to any one of us
Everyone regardless to race, gender, religion and status
A pint pot can hold a gill, but a gill cahn hold a pint pot”
There are some situations reversible but some are not
Evah skin-teet en' a laugh” and you will find
Regardless to outward shows all actions are not genuine
When a bird fly too fast he does fly pas’ ‘e nest”
It is never wise to be overly ambitious, some caution is best
Lime juice cahn spoil vinegar”
Little white fibber can’t corrupt the compulsive liar
One smart dead at two smart door”
Unanimously, however ahead of the game you are, there’s someone that is more
Relatives should take care of each other, feuding they ought not
Notice Bajans say “Water does run, but blood does clot”
And to warn you of the dangers of your trips to the seashore
The old people would say “De sea ain’t got nuh back door”
If black bird fly wid pigeon ‘e will get shoot”
Out running with bad company you’ll get their treatment how ever big or minute
Now “Yuh cahn be in de church an' de chapel too”
Got to mind your own business, don’t get tie up in other people’s do
Remember “De devil does find work fuh idle hands to do” each day
One without work soon gets up to mischief and wayward play
We can live by these and other local proverbs we know
_____ Yes we can live positively And Greater Will Our Nation Grow

Another Acrostic Poem
from The Bajan Poetry Society