Monday, August 17, 2009

Jamaicans own the track in Berlin

Congrats to Jamaican athletes Shelly-Ann Fraser and Kerron Stewart, who won gold and silver respectively today in the 100m finals of the World Championships in Berlin.

You can read all about it here. Of course, big up to my boy Usain Bolt, who tore up the track to win his 100m final yesterday.

Wunna run tings fuh trute.

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Khaidji said...

Der schnellste Mann überhaupt

Did you see
Eyes blink and it was gone for me
Runners take your mark, then pow
Shot out like a bullet now
Critics could never say
He can be beaten by Tyson Gay
No more dissention, he put them out
Extinguished all uncertainty, any doubt
Lightening Bolt blast through the pack
Left the others far behind and only once, glanced back
So as to please the fans he ran through the line
There was no wave taunting the others behind
Every blood vessel pumping
Muscles exploding
And the track
Never looking back
Never seeing them choke
Über 60,000 watched the smoke
But no fire engine came
Engines are used to his fame
Regularly burning tracks wherever he goes
His is Der schnellste Mann anyone knows
At 9.58 seconds in this 100 dash
Usain Bolt has made all records trash
Putting the new record beyond all others grasp
The fastest man ever ran and I never saw him gasp