Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Does Rihanna still sing? + Joe Jackson needs to sit down

Remember the days when Rihanna used to make hit music? I understand she's currently working on a new album, but it seems to me that she spends a lot of time these days sauntering around to events or hanging with friends.

Maybe she's getting a jump start on her modelling career, 'cause girlfriend looks pretty cool. I see you in your Michael Jackson-styled outfit, gloves and all, Ri-Ri....

It seems that every time I turn on my tv I see Michael Jackson's father Joe holding some press conference about his son's death/estate/kids/funeral. For a man who's supposed to be grieving he sure seems excited to be in front of the camera. And as for pimping his record label at the BET Awards...tacky beyond belief.

Joe Jackson, sit down and shut up. Don't tarnish your son's memory and legend by turning his death into a circus.


Anonymous said...

What is it with Joe Jackson? Hmmm. he's looking to make money, of course, off of Michael's death.

That said. How sad?

Now tell me this isn't true. I heard that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are fighting over who will preside over the funeral and who will give the eulogy. This will truly be a sad state of affairs. Revs. behaving in such a manner

Lord help us all. MICHAEL wouldn't stand for that. That was not his way at all

Zimri said...

If anyone is to blame for MJ's death it's that brute who claimed to be his father.