Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello again

Hey, peoples. I know you all must have been wodering if I dropped off the face of the earth, but no, I'm still on terra firma.

The last few weeks have been tough with work, family duties and some personal losses. Even my pet dog whom we've had for years up and died on me so, what can I tell you. but, by the grace of God I'm back and I hope to be blogging more regularly again.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. We've had to face H1N1 virus fears, enjoyed a visit by US Attorney-General Eric Holder Jr. and cringed as Rihanna's naked booty was splashed all over the internet. I'm not going to rehash any of that since I'm sure you're all up to speed via the many blogs and websites in my roll.

The recession is still ticking along, but it appears as if it's business as usual here in Bim; people are still feteing hard and shopping up a storm. Are we living in a fool's paradise? Time will tell....


Khaidji said...

Allow me to offer my very deepest sympathies for your losses. I’m sorry you didn’t share enough about your dog. Many of us dog lover will empathize with you. When I got ill and had been hospitalized repeatedly over the first 4 months, my dog grew very ill and I loss her. At the time of her death I was not allowed to be overly emotional due to the medication. I have never fought tears like I did then and privately I wept. But the memories of her were great and gave me much solace.

I penned this in memory of her

The Warrior Lady

She was Bajan born but was Japanese
Her personality warm and attitude did please
Exquisite in habit and had a calming way
Was able to delight in work and play
A better friend you could never know
She displayed her loyalty wherever we’d go
My girl was brave and taught me too
You wouldn’t believe the things she knew
Got ill one day and she too was bad
I believe she worried about what I had
Returned from the Hospital after weeks apart
Learnt Shexwarln had died from a broken heart

and on her birthday I remember her in verse

A Special Friend

A closer friend you might never know
She sprung up beautifully but was never on show
People looked on at the understanding we had
Envied how together we were never sad
Come days at work I waited eagerly
I understand SHEXpectantly waited on me
And when I got home the joy on her face
Lit up cause I was safely back in our place
For years we enjoyed each others company
Rejoiced to be with each other and relax safely
I was her caregiver and she gave me love and made me secure
Every time we were apart I wanted her more
Now she’s gone to a place not yet my own
Dear Special Friend the Comforter sees that we’re never alone

Guess you can understand how I felt about my long time companion, protector and best friend.

Bajegirl said...

Thanks for your kind words, Khaidji.
Based on your poem, which caused me to get teary all over again, you def, know what it's like to have a loyal pet.
Mine was a chihuahua/chiperkee mix we named Jet Li because from a pup he was doinf leaps and bounds in the air. We had him for 15 years, so you can see he became part of the family.
We were wondering how Jet Li would react to having a baby in the house, but he took to Ethan right away and would stand guard at the doorway of whatever room he was in. Now the baby keeps looking along the floor for him.
He was a loving, loyal friend and we'll never forget him.