Thursday, June 05, 2008

Should Obama make Clinton his running mate?

Now that Barack Obama has been given the nod by his party, the next question on everyone's lips is who will be his running mate?

Obama has chosen a team to help choose his potential Vice President and word is that his opponent in the primary, Hillary Clinton, wants the second spot. Some of her supporters appear to think it's her right and out of respect Obama should offer her the spot.

Well, who knows what Obama's going to do, but what do you think? Should he bring Hillary Clinton, who had taken a few pot shots at him during the campaign, on to his slate?

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Ian Bourne said...

I think Obama should let Over-The-Hillary be VP so as to avoid her threat of votes going 2 McCain, then when he's in - bump her off! That'll teach the b***h to make assassination threats on him, LMAO!

BGR said...

Would you been comfortable with a person who alluded to your assassination as a V.P ?

Bajan Global Report

Jdid said...

no no and no


NO! categorically no!

Anonymous said...

hell no