Friday, May 09, 2008

Cover Fab + Chrianna PDA

Two of Black America's powerhouses recently graced the covers of the affluent publications Time Magazine and Black Enterprise.

For a publication like Time Magazine to throw its support behind a yet uundeclared candidate says a lot. This is really going to start a war in the Clinton camp...

And Ms. Oprah Winfrey chats exclusively with Black Enterprise magazine for its June issue about the beginning of her career and her business choices. On Friday, May 16, Black Enterprise will name Winfrey’s Harpo Inc. its 2008 be100s Company of the Year. Good job.

So, what's the latest with with R&B lovebirds Rihanna and Chris Brown? The couple was spotted all pda'd recently in a Miami KFC.

Hmmm. I wonder if one of them has an endorsement from KFC? Seriously's good to see them having a bit of normalcy.



Jdid said...

way to go obama

Khaidji said...

Another Great O in USA

A day doesn’t go by without screams of ecstasy
Not even a moment when they don’t come fervently
O took both sexes like a tossing earthquake
The floor seems to move by the noise they make
Hours past then they are at it again
Enjoying the opportunity without restrain
Reaching the climax of zealous intercourse
Getting ultimate rewards, finally feeling unforced
Recently, with a greater appetite for O things changed
Everyone has been clamoring and behaving strange
Another O was the order to fill this appetite
They now get an O each day an another at night
One would have thought they would have had enough
In those couch positions and often in the rough
Noxious when it’s all going on but happy somehow
Usually screaming, making sounds like umm, yeah and wow
So many are caught by the wave of Oprah and Obama
A love cloud seemed to have eclipse all America

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For Barack Obama
All written by Khaidji

Anonymous said...

remember people celebrities are playing a game with the press so do not believe everything you see.

celebrities are putting on a show for the paparazzi