Friday, December 08, 2006

Cover dreams

Rihanna is having a great year. On the heels of winning four Billboard Awards, she has also be named the new face of Cover Girl cosmetics. Now this is the type of news what we want to see from Rihanna, not more pictures of those 'barely-there' dresses she's been sporting recently.


The cast of Dream Girls (l-r) Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Beyonce. Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose are featured on the fold-out section.

And speaking of covers, history was made this week when Vanity Fair magazine revealed its January 2007 cover. It features not one, not two, but three African-Americans on the front cover. Five if you count the other two African-Americans on the fold-out section!
Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, mainstream U.S. magazines have been notorious for ignoring that segment of the population for years. Have you ever flipped through a Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine and seen more than one token Black model, if you found one at all? Vanity Fair has not featured a solo Black person on its cover since the late 1990's, and Beyonce is the first African-American woman to appear since Tina Turner in 1993. Apparently issues featuring Blacks on the covers don't sell too well, or so the editors say. The sad thing is, you want to bet we're the ones who buy most of the products featured in the same magazines?
Well, one victory at a time I guess...Have a great weekend, all!


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Cal said...

Discrimination still exists out there, no matter how much we all try to pretend or justify otherwise.